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Professional Dancer & Performing Artist

I began dancing at the age of 14 and have been training ever since. My training ranges from Jazz and Leaps & Turns all the way to Hip Hop, House, Salsa and Bachata.

My professional work began in 2017 and ranges from dancing in music videos and live performances with artists to NBA Halftime Show performances to performing my own choreography. My favorite experience thus far has been performing at Astroworld with Pharrell. I never imagined having performed for 100,000+ people at this stage in my life. Doing what I love for a living has been one of the greatest blessings. 

The Neighborhood

Team Manager & Former Dancer

The Neighborhood is the leading representative for the competitive sector at DFC Headquarters. Being the only Adult team, they place great importance on leadership and representation of what it means to be a "Neighbor". Hard working, genuine people in and out of the dance world. 

I danced with this team for 4 seasons and have been managing for 3 years now. Manager also takes on the role of treasurer for the team. I have been able to apply the learnings from my degree coursework to excel in this position. 

Tatiana Gicel

Tatiana Gicel

Soakin Wet - Marlo, City Girls, Offset | Tatiana Gicel Choreography

3G - Wisin ft. Jon Z & Don Chezina | Tatiana Gicel Reggaeton Beginner Choreography Class

Latina - Reykon ft. Maluma | Choreography by Tatiana Gicel

B*tch From Da Souf - Mulatto | Darius Brown x Tatiana Gicel Collab Class

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